The eyes cannot see numbers or letters of the alphabet, only their glyphs.

A 1-bit image would do away with sub-pixels and interpolation.  

There are no gradients in the pixel.

The world can be reduced to numbers, quanta, but Man cannot see these, only understand them. And Man needs the machine to rerender the world from these numbers, from these quanta

The demarcation of representation is a falsity. 

The machine followed Man.

Man, leaving the world and following himself, renters the world. This is the definition of each instant, including the photographic instant, the instant of ‘the photographic’. Through this labour, Man knows his way to the world. And can renter it at each instant. At each reentry, he rerenders that which is. Each instant, the origin – is! Time was made only for him because he has time. And he knows this. And at any instant he can decide otherwise.

Memory, dream, imagination… Being comes to itself while standing on its ground.

Memory, dream, imagination… come to themselves, finding themselves situated on Being’s ground: the world.

The world one stands on is other.

Featured Image:

Doctor Angelicus. Created July 2023 at Paola, Malta. Original digital artwork by the author.