The Sea is a State

The photograph obtained through the analogue photography apparatus is an abstraction. 

The photograph obtained through the digital photography apparatus is a further abstraction. 

Realities (in this case, digital), such as social media, aim at reinserting these abstractions into a space-time continuum, which is yet another abstraction. (The digital, just like the physical snapshot photo album and the, similarly physical, magazine, happens to introduce further redundancy.) 

The Being of Dasein is defined as care (HEIDEGGER 1962:416). To care is to be mindful. To be mindful is to remember. Conjuring up Being through language necessarily conjures up Dasein. Dasein is error. ‘The photographic’ is the limen. ‘The photographic’ is not one instant but an instant; it is the moment when one waking up to the world finds herself/himself astonished by how things have come to appear as they should. 

What, Heidegger, did you intuit as being ‘the Nothing’? “That which is,” comes the reply. 

God is one’s image. 

One (steeped in ‘the Same’) has stepped into Infinity. 

There is only one truth. To know it, simply imagine it.

Featured Image:

Riding pillion on a Sunday. February 2020 at Paola, Malta. Photograph by the author.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. 1962. Being and Time (1927). Translated by John Macquarrie & Edward Robinson. USA: Blackwell Publishing.