Text is the linear continuity of Time. 

Image is the linear circularity of Time. 

(Time puts things in order.)

Needless to say, one necessarily sees past reality. 

In the beginning there might have been the Word; in the end there is only an image.

Reality is a linguistic contrivance. One retains (takes) an ‘impression’ of it.

It is language which first brings the world into view. Henceforth, one sees. One always sees what is in front. What one sees in front remains for one eternally in front.

To throw in front of… ‘The Same’ is a promise.

What about ‘the Nothing’? ‘The Nothing’ is the domain of non-being. One, necessarily being, is thrown as a being being into the domain of non-being. We say: “one experiences ‘the Nothing’”. Dasein is the mode of questioning (Dasein assumes, hypothesises, that it can bring forth being through its questioning, through language. So, first of all, language must strip everything of its being). Stripped, thrown as a being into the domain of non-being, the Subject (no longer Dasein) experiences ‘the Nothing’ i.e. experiences itself and the world around it – anew (no longer, that is, linguistically). ‘The Nothing’ is the return to the world and to oneself. ‘The Nothing’ is the zero point, the origin; from then on, the yonder. 

In the beginning is the Word. In the beginning, the beginning beginning – the beginning in beginning reaching the end of beginning and hence ending prior to beginning, leaving no ending in sight – begins beginning the Image.

Featured Image:

Swallow. August 2022 at Paola, Malta. Photograph by the author.