The Crutches of Reality

Perception is predictive. The predictions made by the perceptive system are based on the assumption that an assumed reality ought to be somewhat similar to those predictions. An assumed reality is borne by memory and hence is born out of the past, a past which comes to be constituted as such by the very futurity of the predictive actions of the perceptive system. Here we witness the dislodgement of time. The predictive actions of the perceptive system look to the future retrogradely, stumbling into an assumed reality that is held in the suspense of the past for posterity. The predictions being made by the perceptive system, in their futurity, are antecedent to themselves.

In the beginning was reality… and we had assumed that before the beginning because we had happened to remind ourselves before the beginning to remember the reality that was to be. 

The present is an isle with two shores, the shore of past memory and the shore of future memory. The isle of the present is the isle of the same. We can liken the state of being on this isle to Heidegger’s Dasein’s state of oppression caused by an indefinable nothing.

On the isle of the same it is impossible to tell anything anyway.

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