Objectivity is the Prerogative of Subjectivity

The horizon is primarily such a dynamic that without it being perceived one tacitly knows that it keeps crossing one’s field of vision from one side to the other. One, then, intuits another dynamic of the dynamic horizon, that being the necessarily eternally discontinuous continuity of this dynamic. The third and last dynamic of the dynamic horizon would be that as the Subject proceeds towards this dynamic it moves the same amount of steps backwards; the dynamic horizon retreats in distance an amount relative to my trespass. Therefore, the distance between the Subject and the horizon is a constant. This manner of perception indicates that the distance between me and myself is a constant too – is the same constant that defines the distance between the horizon and me. The first definition of Alterity/God: Alterity/God is no constant.

All it takes is a snipping of the eye strings. 

The impossible is already now.

Featured Image:

Augustinus. January 2019 at Marinid Tombs, Fes, Morocco. Photograph by the author.