My Blood is the Law

Memory is the hallucination; Memory is untruth. Whatever. 

Memory is always, always! symbolic. If you remember it, then it did not happen. Never tell someone that s/he is following a red herring inside the courts of law. Bad joke. 

You remember picking an orange. The orange is a symbol. And so is the memory itself. What is a memory, any memory, a symbol of? Time. 

Time never happened. 

The invention of language produced all kinds of monstrosities. 

Switch off. 

(…And, irrespective of all that’s been said above, we can affirm that Time has but one dynamic: it takes time.)

You cannot step into the same river twice, but you can step into the same river again.

Featured Image:

Chez nous. January 2019 at Rabat, Morocco. Photograph by the author.