Photographic Memory (corrigendum)

Photographic. Memory.

Mind not death, but the mind of the Other.

Language is that which one invariably puts into words. This is the programme. 

“The existential-ontological constitution of Dasein’s totality is grounded in temporality” (HEIDEGGER 1962:488). …If only when put into words…

Language – not Ontology, and not Alterity, that is to say: not Being and not the Other – language, I say, constitutes; and in constituting constitutes itself too. Just happenstance that whatever language said/says seemed/seems to come into view in its proper manner (“then it’s because it was so to begin with”). And language makes itself independent of S/subject/s. All this is not tantamount to saying that language is originary.

…and like a double-edged sword my tongue

…‘the photographic’, when we agree on something…

“‘The Photographic’ is, even when it happens to be just painted, for example.”

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HEIDEGGER, Martin. 1962. Being and Time (1927). Translated by John Macquarrie & Edward Robinson. USA: Blackwell Publishing.


By Ivan Kramskoi (detail) – Google Cultural Center, Public Domain,