Homage to Daphne

Words can be transmitted through sound or they can be transmitted through writing. As sounds or as written signs, words are invariably read. As sounds, they are read and understood by being heard by our hearing apparatus; heard words are heard by our ears that hear, and thereafter understood by simply having been heard by those which invariably hear and cannot but hear; and hearing is hearing. As written text, they are read and understood merely through convention. Hence, all written literature is de facto illiterate. To understand words without reading them as words… Images! 

Mr Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers are the biggest dumbasses in history. You see, the whole case brought against Mr Fenech relied solely on the miserable evidence carefully preserved and presented by the biggest liar in history, Mr Melvin Theuma. But, dear lawyers defending poor Mr Fenech, is the very concept of evidence of any worth anymore seeing we all happen to live in the digital age? You see, the only evidence at the end is what one remembers. And that is not the same thing as saying that Memory is incorruptible. But, clearly, any narrative is worth its salt. Magnetic (…presumably…) tapes!

Language is the programme.

To be conscious is to be of two minds, says our dear and only friend, etymonline.com. Well, our dear friend, etymonline.com, actually says that to be conscious is “to be (mutually) aware”, which is just about the same thing as being of two minds. So, verity of verities (match this one, dear Heidegger): Being is the domain/dimension of Alterity. We can go further, dear Heidegger: ground is pre-ontological; ground thus precedes Being. But! (Dear Heidegger,) Being is its own ground; Being stands in/on itself. And! (Heidegger,) ontology is pre-ontological. We conclude, dear Levinas: Being is Alterity.

…The bird which feeds and the bird which looks on… 

…A vast landscape wombing two creatures capable of flight; and none exploit this capability… 

At any moment of their choosing, though, they may very well buzz off.

Language is the programme.

Featured Image:

Detail from Apollo and Daphne (1622-1625) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. August 2018 at Galleria Borghese, Rome. Photograph by the author.