Love does not care for Being. If the Being known as Dasein is defined as care (HEIDEGGER 1962:416), and if “the ontological meaning of ‘care’ is temporality” (HEIDEGGER 1962:416), and if temporality situates in the world (HEIDEGGER 1962:416), and if “the ontological constitution of the world […] must then likewise be grounded in temporality” (HEIDEGGER 1962:416), surely, then, one does not care for too long.

Visual perception is the only sense that is not othered (see here)… this because vision is completely other. The act of perception and the object of perception are indistinguishable. One cannot change one’s perception. 

Love does not care.

Featured Image:

Salve Regina. November 2021 at Spinola, St. Julian’s. Frame grab from video footage taken by the author.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. 1962. Being and Time (1927). Translated by John Macquarrie & Edward Robinson. USA: Blackwell Publishing.