Time is rapture. Anything that happens in Time, falls out of Time. Literally. Being is Time. Anything that is, falls out of Being, and is. Quite literally. In time, everything comes to be. What is the rupture that causes the rupture? Love. The “struggle between human being and apparatuses” (FLUSSER 2000: 75) is the struggle of the human being with Love. 

Reality is the “quality of being real” (HARPER 2001-2022). The real is:

“property”: it belongs in itself

“goods”: it is of value in itself 

“matter”: it matters in itself 

“thing”: it is itself in itself

“affair”: it is in itself an affair… with someone

The impossible can only happen in Time. Hence, Time. Elsewhere (see here) we said: “‘The photographic’ […] states that it is what it is, implying that it is so impossible that it cannot possibly be other than what it is. Verily, it can never be what it is.” Being so impossible, ultimately only capable of rendering itself as what it is, the impossible finally belies its essence… henceforth it is phenomenon. ‘The photographic’ is the seeing seeing itself seeing. A seeing is not a seeing unless it is a seeing in itself. A seeing has to be seen in order for it to be a seeing (albeit the fact that any seeing remains a seeing in itself irrespective of when it is seen. A seeing, nonetheless, is blind to itself, to its seeing – it is a seeing blind to its seeing. Someone else must do the seeing). 

Alterity is not a study of the Alter. It is not a study of anything in particular. It is not a study. Alterity is the dimension in which we recognise each other. (Alterity is Ontology, Ontology being simply that which founds.) This is what is meant by ‘the photographic’. 

Not the photograph; the orgasm. 


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