A bottle is not a bench. Happiness is not sadness. A bottle cannot be extracted out of the viscera of a bench. Happiness, though, is teased out of sadness itself. All this goes to show that there is a distinction between being and cognition. But is there? Being and cognition are both modes of Time. Nodes (of time) in Time?

(For the record, dear Heidegger: Being as Dasein is a mode [?] of Time. [A node [?] [of time] in Time?])

Clearly, the world does not take time. Time is in your head. 

Two buttons: a red button and a green button. I ask you, my dear reader, to make your choice – will you choose the red button or the green button? The only distinction between the two buttons that will be provided to you prior to you making your decision will be the comforting thought that whichever button you choose once chosen will trigger a cataclysmic occurrence of some sort in your life, dear reader. But, surely, one can never spill the beans too early! All that I can tell you is this: if you choose the red button, time will go by fast. If you choose the green button, time will go by slowly. Which one shall you choose? I shall choose for you! The red button!

And now, you (in actual fact the me that is writing this) are (? – is?) fucked! Like this, one can never possibly intend. In such a deplorable state, one expects (to expect is to go by fast, slowly; the obverse obviously does not hold – clearly, one cannot expect to expect slowly). To expect is to observe thoroughly… to observe thoroughly for the appearance of that agonised pixel that will give the bitmap’s game away. The only sense that is not othered is visual perception, and this necessarily so (see here). Visual perception is (conclusively) Levinas’ ‘the Same’. The Future… the Other… (Death? …death is not an other.)

The photograph indexes nothing; indexicality is merely an indication – and an indication that merely indicates at that.

The photograph originates in front. 

The otherwise is never not an option. 

Intention sees. Expectation is the blind man’s game 🙂

By virtue of the very nature of ‘the photographic’, everything visible on this stage is – de facto!

(- a charade.)

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