A Eulogy to Time

The question of the meaning of Being must be formulated.


What is the meaning of Being?

Being is, or refers to, or is defined as…

But what does it mean?

Being means nothing; nothing said about Being will elucidate the meaning of Being.

Being is Time, (supposedly) conjectured Heidegger. But, again, what does “Being is Time” mean?

Language fails itself. 

Language resuscitates and finds scope in its very linguistic paradigms.

The meaning of Being… cannot be an apple… neither can it be happiness, satisfaction, the Glawr… none of these sound right.

The meaning of Being can only be the meaning ascribed to/conferred upon Being by the Other. (Language made me say this.)

What is Time? Time is everything that happens. Being, thus, would be just an element that happens to happen within everything that happens. Being, thus, would be within Time. Everything that happens happens to happen because everything that happens happens to necessarily assume Being. Being is now Time (see here for a discussion on Russell’s paradox).

The question, “What is the meaning of Being?” has to be reformulated – thus: “What does it mean for me to be?” (Language here fails me.)

Time is what being Other makes it to be.

The photograph is not indexical. The photograph indicates. Hence why it is in front of you.

Time is what being Other makes it to be.


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