Perception utters, “It must be because it is what it is!” Memory replies, “It must be because it was what it was, and what was was, hence is.” Put the onus on memory, and memory cannot see. Put the onus on perception, and perception cannot know.  Perception utters, “It is so because what is cannot be otherwise than what is!” Memory replies, “I was and am (no longer).” Perception utters, “You are not!” Memory replies, “I am most like you.” Perception utters, “My truth is founded on the law which is the Now!” Memory replies, “Snuff me out, and you won’t remember your name, let alone any of your laws.” Perception utters, “Tell me, Memory, what do seven and three look like?” Memory has never seen the world. Memory replies, “What do seven and three remind you of? You see, indeed, but you do not see me.” Perception utters, “You are the world I see that you do not see.” In that case, lend me your eyes, friend.