In Your Head

The distinctions between beings can only be made in Time. These distinctions create a sense of depth. The ruler and the measuring tape both take a measure of time not space. Why Time? Because it takes time.

The only mode of knowledge is language. Language is historical, like Time. To know, that is, to tease out the best linguistic description of an experience, thing, being, etc., is to put an end to that experience, thing, being, etc.

The end is the forehead; all experiences, things, beings, etc., end in the mind; the mind defines the boundary which demarcates its end and the start of the very true beginning.

We return to the world thanks to ‘the photographic’. And knowledge, language and history are here with us.

Time is the end.

Time commenced at the end, and, being the end, ended on commencement of the end.

In the beginning, with Time, was the End.

As such, time never started, and that in itself is Time. Having never started, we timed how long Time would take to take time.

The only “thing” that is the same about ‘the photographic’ is that it always returns one to the world. ‘The photographic’ is necessarily otherwise to the Same. The Same is never the same for ‘the photographic’.

The final and pure cataphatic question to be asked would be: how is it with the Other?

Featured Image:

Millennials. Photography and edit September 2021 at Alcaide, Portugal. Original artwork by the author.