say goodbye, say hello

The number zero is the only true invention. The human, the inventor of the number zero, happens to be a creature (but is not necessarily the sole creature) that can understand the concept of the number zero and its most direct offspring: the ratio scale. With the advent of this remarkable invention, everything could be given a digital substrate. With the invention of the number zero, the idea of the datum became possible (the datum being yet another child born from the number zero) and data could now be extracted from, or, more correctly, molded upon everything. 

The world can now be capably reconstructed from data. Data is the truest possible representation of everything.  

Memory is a constructed human convention; memory has no physical or biological underpinnings.  Memory is the experience formed from data extracted from experience out of which arises through reconstruction by the Subject the truest possible representation of what was – memory is the experience of a memory. Every memory can be remembered in multifarious ways.

The truth is the ultimate; the truth is the end. The truth is what was always known and necessarily apprehended at origin. Hence, the beginning and the end must be identical.

Reality assumes the veracity of truth by simply latching on to the “it is what it is” engendered by ‘the photographic’. Ultimately there is no difference between truth and falsehood, reality and the real. Cartesian doubt placed at the core of the scientific method and which from its inception enabled all scientific movement and progression can only be apprehended as the cause of that movement and progression, neigh, as that movement and progression itself, only if doubt in general is strictly understood as a continual and iterative return to genesis. After all, there is no such a thing as a “halfway house” within knowledge – knowledge is all about the beginning and the end. Knowledge is thus strictly historical. 

Subjective knowledge: that which proceeds from the Subject

Objective knowledge: that which departs from the Subject

(the tomato is always a tomato and a non-tomato)

Life is pointless with a purpose. All beings simply desire to be. There is no reason to believe that the being we call tree is fixed and resolute in its being. Being desires not to be for itself for it can not. What is it then about Being that cannot be simply contained or completed by its being? If, as previously stated, life is pointless with a purpose, then being is pointless and its purpose simply “to be for”. Intention is genetic.

We ought to accept the fact that the world presents itself to us in full colour and not in monochrome mode.

The Kantian Ding an sich may be a theoretical extravagance, an extravagance, one must say, that is perfectly reasonable to commit within the domain of theory, but at the end of the day the Ding an sich, like many other notions, still remains to be seen within itself. We will of course, dear Humberto Maturana, send you a little postcard then.

The linguistic ability innate to the human then only serves the purpose of allowing one to utter the Word (the Word being unfathomable desire and such utterance being necessarily done through a linguistic act, being in fact a linguistic act, neigh, being the linguistic act par excellence) to the Desired who necessarily shares the same linguistic ability. 

Human language then is just one of the many languages desire desires to speak.

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Untitled (from personal project Dirty Paradise: in search of a lost photograph). Photographed April 2019 at Paola and edited November 2019 and November 2023 at Sliema. Photograph and edit by the author.