The Wizard of Oz

In essence, Art has always been a trace of alterity. But at some point in the nineteenth century there seems to have occurred a very curious development, namely that the painter walked out and in his stead appeared the photography apparatus. With the advent of photography, the Arts were finally introduced to technology and could, at leisure, forsake technē.

The term ‘objective knowledge’ is a misconstrued term. We have no relation with ‘objective knowledge’. ‘Objective knowledge’ is a constant. ‘Objective knowledge’ is constant to itself.

To know is to decode. To decode is to fight the code. To know is to overcome ignorance by fighting knowledge.

Discussing the work of Wilfred Bion, specifically his discussion on the person’s desire to know and acquire knowledge, knowledge, which Bion terms “K”, being one of the elements in the Bionic relational triad (the other two elements being Love, “L”, and Hate, “H”), Michael Parsons states: “knowledge is not a thing we have, but a link between ourselves and what we know … K is being willing to know but not insisting on knowledge” (‘Wilfred Bion’, 2021).

Hence the task of photography can only be to fight photography.

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