If I have been photographed, I am already dead

Reality is a cast; reality is the negative. This is the reason why all our photographs come out looking like positive images. And if reality is the negative, then all our thoughts and dreams now, that we think and dream we thought and dreamt then, are necessarily positive because all we retain from reality is its positive as memory, just like photographs retain in their imaging the positive of a negated and vacated reality. Reality is a chimera; so are now our thoughts and dreams that we think we thought and dreamt then. Evidence comes too late; all we know is that things die. The content of that non-phenomenal phenomenon we call memory is truistically no more; hence the reason why one remembers. Positive memory, somewhat like positive photographs made from negatives, is capable of negating and positivising itself repeatedly. Photographs and memories, as records of, are lodged in an antecedent futurity. If I have been photographed, I am already dead. Photography and memory devoid of death?… that might be the subject of a new [blog post], but our present [post] is ended.