Farewell :-)

Stanley Cavell is quoted as saying: “Photography overcame subjectivity in a way undreamed of by painting, one which does not so much defeat the act of painting as escape it altogether: by automatism, by removing the human agent from the act of reproduction” (in SNYDER and ALLEN 1975: 145). 

Yes, yet another trite comment about the act of photography supposedly being non-intentional due to its automatic method of reproducing the subject in front of the lens. So trite in fact that it only requires one slight clarification: photography is in principle non-intentional only because human intentionality is itself automatic.

A very undramatic way to end this blog related to my previous studies in photography… previous, precisely because I handed in my resignation earlier today. Ça va bien merci beaucoup!


SNYDER, Joel and ALLEN Neil Walsh. 1975. ‘Photography, Vision, and Representation’. Critical Inquiry, Autumn, 143-169. 

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