more (M)ad ventures in the world of (A)cademia – an MA in Photography

To date, my educational journey has mainly revolved around the Sciences. I did have a few brief forays into the Arts, but it was strictly with a scientific eye that I approached those fields of investigation. I now have come to realise that the Arts hold a very prominent and important position in my life. I always loved and wanted to create images, but I was never able to paint – photography has enabled me to bridge that lacuna.

The time has come for me to formalise this relationship with the Arts with an accredited qualification in photography. My application for an MA in Photography at Falmouth University has been successful and I commence my studies in January 2019. I strongly believe that through these studies I will be able to achieve my long-term goal of working freelance. Coming from a small country with limited resources, I strongly believe that an MA in Photography from Falmouth University will help me achieve this by enabling me to make inroads in the international creative market, this, firstly, through successive guided progress in achieving my short-term goals, which are (1) to infiltrate into international professional photographic networks and there forge significant contacts, and (2) to widen and strengthen my photographic skills and theoretical knowledge of the medium. 

I have been practising photography for a number of years and handled my first SLR as a young child. I did several short practical courses in photography and in the digital manipulation of images. Having completed a Doctorate in Cognitive Science, I find that I have fully learnt the art of autodidacticism, and I eagerly apply this skill to my photographic practice. I also did a short online course through the online learning platform, Coursera (“Seeing Through Photographs” organised by MoMA), which I found absolutely thrilling. Having to juggle a full-time job in research with an MA in Photography might prove to be a challenge, but I know from previous experience of juggling work with studies that with proper time management I will be able to successfully resolve this issue. 

My current photographic practise revolves around the duality of light and dark, a duality that in the images I capture is aesthetically factual and/or affectively metaphorical. I have always found sharp contrasts very appealing and I believe that it was through such a sensation that I came to investigate such a theme. Labouring further within this domain has made me realise about the potential for multiplicity of meaning within the single image construed as a simple depiction of the clash between light and dark. I find that these images generate endless narratives, seemingly autonomously.

As part of my studies at Falmouth, I am expected to keep a blog documenting my journey through the practice and the evolution of my perception, skills and critical thinking. So this brief note serves as an introduction to this blog, which I will update weekly once my studies commence. If you are interested in knowing how my studies are progressing, be sure to check my MA Photography blog regularly 🙂

Featured Image:

Flowers at La Maison de la Photographie de Marrakech. December 2018 at La Maison de la Photographie, Marrakech. Photograph by the author.